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We must understand the incredible stress the United States has endured over the past 18 months has been by design. Going back to "normal" will NEVER happen. The goal from the outset of this manufactured crisis has been to implement a "NEW NORMAL."  This video "What is The Great Reset" MUST be watched in order to see what is happening. The second video "Monopoly" is also an incredibly valuable resource to understand the times.


AFTER watching "What is the Great Reset?" THEN we ask you to read and consider the Declaration 4 Liberty.  We ARE heading to a financial and political reset - there WILL be a new normal.  However, we have the opportunity to RESET the Republic (or at least part of it) to enjoy the greatest time of liberty and prosperity in world history. A NEW NORMAL led by God-fearing, family-loving, hard-working PATRIOTS!!


None of us wanted this crisis. We all would have preferred the status quo. However, this battle has been brought to our doorstep anyway. Perhaps, God has raised us up FOR SUCH A TIME AS THIS!!


Pastors Paul Blair & Dan Fisher

The Great Reset


Pastor Paul Blair

"What is the Answer to the Great Reset?"

All Pro Pastors International Fellowship Luncheon

12/10/21, Lakeland, FL

Dr. Robert Malone

"What is Going On?

12/10/21, Lakeland, FL

The pandemic will end when the digital monetary system is in place

November 30, 2021 - Covid-19 Myth-Busting with Dr. Amy Cerato & Dr. Eric Snyder

Declaration 4 Liberty


To All who identify as God-Fearing Patriots in the United States,


In light of the COVID power grab and mandates, General Milley’s treason, Congress certifying a fraudulent election, SCOTUS declining to exercise their Article 3 original jurisdiction and hear a legitimate dispute between states regarding the 2020 election integrity, the promise of court-packing, the Biden connection to the CCP, Pelosi’s expanding the Capitol Police presence across the Union creating a modern-day Praetorian Guard, the obvious sham of January 6 with hundreds of American citizens being intentionally deprived of their due process, the imminent monitoring of EVERY banking transaction in excess of $600, the FBI being militarized against parents who object to masks or CRT at School Board Meetings, vaccine mandates, suppression of free speech rights and a President “losing his patience” with people exercising their unalienable rights, etc., etc., What evidence exists that would demonstrate we are still operating under a functioning Constitution that restricts or restrains the federal government?

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If you are a Pastor, we invite you to visit our website Jesus is not just the Lord of Sunday mornings. As Christians, we are to glorify God in ALL that we do. Jesus is the Lord of 24/7 and everything we do - even our politics. If God did establish the home, the church and civil government, then He gave instruction in the Bible for what His will is regarding all three. We invite you to either join us AT one of our Liberty Pastors Training Camps or you can enjoy the instruction online. Be sure to start with the video on "The Compartmentalization of Christianity." We look forward to hearing from you and working with you in the days to come. 


God Bless!!

Pastor Paul Blair

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